About Us

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Our Beliefs

ANIMAL HATERS exists to weed out the Animal Rights Groups and their supporters, to publicize their hypocrisy, masquerading as charity
organizations and animal lovers to garner public support and donations which they then used to pass laws and regulations that strangle the ability of people to own animals.

These Animal Rights Groups and their supporters are actually animal haters that are trying to remove animals from our lives by enforcing their own agendas. Many animal rights groups claim to support animal welfare but actually are against all animal use, thus they are Animal Haters, not supporters. Regardless of whether an animal is part of the food supply chain, conservation, or a companion animal, animals are of innate value to the planet and humans that love them and deserve to be cared for with respect for all of their physical and psychological needs.

Our History

ANIMAL HATERS was launched to expose these groups whenever and wherever possible. To expose the hypocrisy in which they operate and expose the politicians that support them and the illogical restrictions, strangling regulations, and business bans across these United States.

Who We Are

ANIMAL HATERS is a growing collective of animal lovers across this country. We support animal ownership. We support animal breeders. We support livestock farmers. We Support zoos. We support rodeos. We support the circus. We support carriage horses. We support pet stores. We support animal shows and sporting events. We support animal shelters and rescues. We support service animals. We support the 4-H and FFA. We support the idea that EVERYONE has a right to own, buy, sell, breed, raise, and train animals for a variety of uses. And collectively, we have had enough. Enough of the lies, enough of the false accusations, enough of the hypocrisy. Our voices will be heard over the noise of the animal haters, and we will prevail.