Dr Michelle Dally, DVM admits affiliation with an animal rescue group with dozens of animal welfare violations

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Dr. Michelle Dally recently spoke at an Orange County Commissioners meeting and offered testimony. As a licensed veterinarian who worked in Colorado, she admitted to having an affiliation with National Mill Dog Rescue through a contract between the rescue and a shelter she worked with. Her testimony was heard with intent regarding her opinion that a possible ban to limit consumer access of puppies, kittens, and bunnies from breeders through retail options based upon her testimony naming the National Mill Dog Rescue as her source.


However, Orange County Commissioners had no idea that Daily, while speaking out against the retail sale of purpose bred puppies from breeders, failed to mention that the National Mill Dog Rescue she claimed connection to, was found to have 9 violations in 2017 of the Colorado’s Pet Animal Care Facilities Act. Again in 2019, the rescue was cited with 15 Colorado State regulatory violations, facing $15,000 in fines for a multitude of violations, including importing dogs into Colorado without the required vaccinations, failing to supply animals’ records, and transporting animals without a license. The violations also described two incidents in which dogs were injured in dogfights at the facility.


As if the dozens of violations of the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act wouldn’t be enough for Dr. Dally to distance herself from any mention of the National Mill Dog Rescue, multiple investigative news articles have been written linking the rescue to the purchase of puppies and dogs from the very breeders that they disparage and demand the public avoid.


National Mill Dog Rescue Violations

The People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wrote; “These same types of “puppy mill rescue” scams were exposed by The Washington Post last year. Through online fundraisers, the groups collect tens of thousands of dollars to attend breeder auctions under the guise of rescuing dogs from puppy mills. They can then sell them for exorbitant fees to buyers wanting a specific breed.”


HuffPost found that “while National Mill handled over 2,000 dogs from at least six states and imported many of them into Colorado in 2017 and 2018, fewer than 100 such certificates were actually on file in the six states and only 168 certificates were on file in Colorado.”


“What we see with a lot of these rescue groups is that it’s an easy way to make money,” Colorado Pet Animal Care Facilities Act Manager Nick Fisher told HuffPost when speaking on the culture of many rescue organizations like National Mill Dog RescueOrange County Commissioners and Mayor Demings would be wise to distance themselves from a veterinarian like Dr. Michelle Dally who’s integrity is to be believed if she thinks that using the
less than stellar National Mill Dog Rescue group to support her position is a wise decision.

‘HuffPost’ Investigates the Dark Side of ‘Dog Rescue’ Culture

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