The Haters

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The Haters – Orange County, FL

Commissioner Emily Bonilla Orange County Pet Store BanCommissioner Emily Bonilla is proposing an ordinance that would ban the sale of puppies and kittens from retailers, telling her personal story of purchasing a pet with health problems from a local pet store. Which according to an Orange County Commissioner meeting, 98.2% of Puppies sold at the 8 retailers have received ZERO complaints. Orange County Health Services compiled complaints with the County, Yelp Reviews, Google Reviews and BBB Reviews. However, what Commissioner Emily Bonilla is actually doing is removing the most regulated source of puppies and kittens in Orange County in favor of promoting taxpayers to obtain their new pet from unscrupulous and illegal sources such as Craigslist, online scammers, pet flippers, and retail rescues. Most importantly Commissioner Emily Bonilla is taking away your freedom of choice.


Commissioner Nicole WilsonCommissioner Nicole Wilson during a vote stated “it’s about protecting our consumers, our residents” But what Commissioner Wilson actually voted for was the removal of ALL consumer protections in a purchase of a puppy or kitten in Orange County. Commissioner Nicole Wilson voted to remove the ONLY mandatory consumer protection law protecting consumers who purchase puppies or kittens in the County. She knowingly voted to removing all consumer rights for pet purchases, banning legal and regulated business’ in favor of illegal and unregulated businesses, where a consumer has zero protections.Commissioner Wilson most importantly voted to take away your freedom of choice.