Orange County Commissioner Bonilla is difficult to like

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Orange County Commissioner Emily Bonilla has only a short career in government but it has become rife with problems. It is widely known that she has a contentious relationship with the other commissioners and conflicts between them is a regular occurrence during public meetings. The conflict also includes members of her own staff, that have left in droves with anger towards the commissioner due to what they describe as a hostile working environment.


After the ninth assistant quit, more questions  about Bonilla’s ego and self-importance. Bonilla telling one assistant “the only feelings that matter in this office are mine. I am the commissioner and you serve at my pleasure”.



Commissioner Emily Bonilla Staff Quit



But apparently Bonilla believes that the entire county serves at her pleasure and at a recent meeting, she rambled on about being an unhappy customer of one business over a decade ago, and fumbled through proper procedures for a vote to draft a regulation to ban the entire industry, causing the Mayor to admonish her for not following proper protocols.


Like her office assistants, Bonilla doesn’t seem to have any compassion for the people around her, including the taxpayers that pay her salary. The business she is attempting to retaliate against has been in business for more than 20 years, has a strong following of satisfied customers, pays county taxes, and employs more than 30 people whom will be without a job and a paycheck, just like her 9 assistants. I guess she meant it when she said “the only feelings that matter in this office are mine”.

Commissioner Emily Bonilla Hates Her Staff



Is this an abuse of power?


Most other Commissioners and the Mayor stayed subdued on the matter while Bonilla rampaged. Only Commissioner Nicole Wilson was willing to second the motion to pursue looking into a ban.


This ban would force the closure of 7 other businesses, collateral damage for Bonilla’s personal vendetta again one Orange County business because to her, “the only feelings that matter in this office are mine”.


Hopefully the other Commissioners and the Mayor stop Bonilla from using her seat for justifying her personal feelings, letting the citizens of Orange County know that they will not stand for this kind of behavior from their fellow Commissioners.



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